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Culture around Spanish language

Spanglish. The influence of a giant

Today, iScribo invites you to read and think about Spanglish. A linguistic phenomenon that has caused controversy in many sectors.

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History of Spanish language

Why does the letter “h” exist in Spanish?

The “h” is the only grapheme in Spanish that is not pronounced by itself, which is why it is called a silent “h”. Its origin is etymological and not phonological. Come and find out with iScribo the origin of the letter “h” in Spanish.

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Improving language

Tongue twisters in Spanish: practise your pronunciation

Tongue twisters are phrases structured based on words with repetitive syllables that are difficult to pronounce. Speaking a language through tongue twisters is a fun way to connect with the language, so today, iScribo shows some so you can challenge your Spanish practise.

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