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What is ChatGPT? Learn the Keys for Beginners

The topic of the moment! Why is everyone talking about it? What is ChatGPT and what is it for? What is a chatbot and why should you care? ChatGPT is new in our lives and it seems that it has arrived to stay forever. It has landed with force in the world of technology and has revolutionised the planet without us expecting it. A thousand questions and concerns arise, so, to get our ideas clear, let’s learn a little about this creation of artificial intelligence.

In this iScribo article, discover the keys to understanding the foundations of this technological product that is as admired as it is controversial.

What is ChatGPT doing and Why Does it Work?

What is ChatGPT used for? First of all, let’s go through its meaning. It is a technological tool that has been born thanks to artificial intelligence. The ChatGPT chatbot generates fully coherent and accurate written content that emulates human writing.

It has burst into our lives because it is an interactive system that responds to your questions, all of them, as if it were a natural conversation, and it is available in a multitude of languages. It is able to adapt to the social context and the age of the questioner. In short, it is as if you were interacting on the internet with a very cultured person in the flesh.

If you are wondering what ChatGPT is and how it works, the best thing to do is to try it out. It is very intuitive and precise, just ask it a question and it will answer it for you. You can also combine it with other types of applications to increase the speed with which you resolve your doubts. Take a look at your mobile phone and select one of your favourite chat apps, you will see that some of them include the possibility of combining it with ChatGPT.

Fears it Arouses

Many people are still sceptical about ChatGPT, as it is a very advanced technology that we are not used to.

Some of the ChatGPT fears are that people see their jobs in jeopardy, such as the world of linguistics and writers. However, it still makes mistakes that need to be developed, and we have no doubt that it will be.

In the world of education, students have found an ally in this evolution of artificial intelligence to deliver their essays, projects and assignments. Teachers now need to look for alternatives to make students work harder.

Don’t panic! Technology cannot take away our work completely, but it does present us with the opportunity to adapt to it in order to improve productivity and quality, so let’s look on the bright side. With this kind of technology, we can work faster and better.

Differences Between ChatGPT and GPT-3

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is the predecessor of ChatGPT. It is a deep learning neural network that generates content and predicts the series of words or phrases that will make up the text as a whole. It was designed to perform a variety of tasks, such as translating, proofreading, problem solving and text generation.

GPT-3 is also used to analyse customer reviews when testing a product, as well as in the world of video games. It may sound strange, but this brings naturalness to the characters that have to interact with humans.

It is also used to generate text in applications, without GPT-3 many of the applications we use every day would not have seen the light of day. Finally, GPT-3 is used in marketing campaigns.

Remind you of anything? GPT-3 is the technology used by our spell and grammar checker iScribo since it was born. iScribo corrects your Spanish documents in real time with the help of artificial intelligence and our wonderful team of linguists behind the teaching. Technology and art combined in a product that makes your life easier.

Both ChatGPT and GPT-3 are fed in real time. We teach them and they teach us.

Technology As Your Assistant

We must adapt to the times and not fall into the despair of a world that is advancing at the speed of light. Read, learn and overcome your fears, this is the only way to get the most out of artificial intelligence. Use technological tools as your virtual assistant in your personal and professional life to set yourself apart from the competition. You won’t regret it.

Do you know any ChatGPT alternative and have you tried it? Just think, there are many objects and tools that you use every day that work thanks to this type of technology. Tell us in the comments about your experience and let us know if you notice the difference with the iScribo engine, your spell and grammar checker in Spanish.

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