How AI Can Help You Improve Your Written Spanish

iScribo is a smart tool that benefits from AI. Learn how artificial intelligence and the NPL language help you with your written communication in Spanish.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the NPL language were born to make our lives easier. Through a system powered by algorithms, we can save time, resources and money when writing documents in Spanish.

The image that a text gives about the person who writes it can determine important decisions at work, academic or personal level.

With the help of technology and advances in this field, it is possible to make fewer and fewer typos and grammatical mistakes. iScribo is a corrector that works with artificial intelligence and tells you in real-time if you have written something wrong, as well as giving you suggestions to improve your communication.

Learn more about AI and how it has become the star component of iScribo in this article.

What are NPL and AI?

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) are two branches of data science. In other words, it is the field of study that encompasses human language through machines.

As you can see, AI and NLP work together with other sciences depending on their purpose. For iScribo, there are other sciences that come into play, for example linguistics, which teaches the rules of Spanish language for AI to create algorithms.

To learn, artificial intelligence feeds on experience. The more data it has, which it collects through algorithms and rules, the more accurate it can become.

With the help of these technologies, machines can be trained to perform specific tasks, which process amounts of data by creating patterns. The more this tool is used and fed, the more it will learn and the more accurate it will become.

How does it work?

iScribo’s artificial intelligence uses machine learning algorithms to identify the typos and other mistakes you make when writing in Spanish and correct them. iScribo benefits from this science in more ways than one, as it also suggests synonyms and improves the register and tone of your document.

Thanks to the context, even if you haven’t made any mistakes in your writing, iScribo’s AI improves the writing of your document to a higher level. When you write a word, the AI has already learned the word’s associations, so it will know exactly what needs to go with it – even before you write it!

To give you an idea, the “brain” of a computer simulates the structure of the human brain, with a number of connections, which would be our neurons, so that everything works correctly.

Why do we need AI?

Artificial intelligence brings us countless advantages. One of them is the precision it achieves through the neural networks of which it is composed.

Another is that AI provides greater intelligence to elements that already existed. Basic spelling and grammar checkers have always existed, but AI makes them faster and more efficient.

It also automates learning with a large amount of data in a reliable way. Whether machines will be able to replace humans will be discussed another day, but human research is vital for AI to work.

AI also makes as much use as possible of the data it collects. We call this self-learning and it works in the same way as it does in people. The things we have learned in the past help us to make better decisions in the present and to perform tasks in an optimised way.

The last one we are going to mention in this post is that AI allows the collected data to be programmed thanks to progressive learning algorithms. So if you write ojalá pude ir a la fiesta, iScribo will automatically tell you that the correct thing to say would have been ojalá hubiera podido ir a la fiesta.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Technology

As rational animals, we are always looking for ways to improve our quality of life and reduce everyday tasks so that we can spend more time on what really matters. AI and NPL have come into our lives to make it easier. Use iScribo’s spelling and grammar checker to improve the standard of your documents, whether it’s an email, a university paper or your company’s newsletter. Benefit from the privileges that artificial intelligence offers us and stop committing typos and other grammar errors in Spanish!

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