Menorca – Spend an Unforgettable Holiday in Spain

To enjoy your holidays in Spain, swim on dream beaches, go hiking, and much more. Discover the charm that Menorca, in the Balearic Islands, has to offer.

Menorca is considered to be one of the ideal paradise destinations for a holiday in Spain.

This small island in the Balearic Islands offers a multitude of possibilities to enjoy, whether with family, friends, or on your own. It is a multi-purpose location where you can relax, go hiking, enjoy water sports, and much more.

Read this article and indulge yourself with this jewel of the Mediterranean.

Past, Present and Future of Menorca

What we know of Menorca dates to prehistoric times. Even today there are remnants of the typical constructions from before Christ. One example is the Naveta Des Tudons, which is the oldest known funereal monument.

Many civilisations have passed and conquered Menorca – The Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Muslims, the Kingdom of Aragon, the Kingdom of Spain, the English, and the French.

All these cultures have made Menorca a unique and incomparable destination. We invite you to learn a little more about its history to understand its present.

Beaches in Menorca

The good thing about an island is that there are beaches galore. Menorca’s geography allows the landscapes to change from north to south, with white sand beaches, such as Cala en Porter; golden sand, such as Cala Mica; and reddish sand, such as Cala Pregonda, which is a true spectacle of nature.

The best coves on the island are in hidden places, so you will have to walk, sometimes up to an hour, to reach them. It is worth it! Most of them are not overcrowded and the purity of the water is hard to find nowadays, like in Cala Turqueta.

If you happen to be caught on a cloudy day, don’t hesitate, Cavalleria beach is the perfect place to spend a quiet day in an unrepeatable setting.

Places to Stroll

It’s not all beaches, Menorca also offers Mediterranean landscapes worthy of admiration.

Take a stroll through Binibeca, undoubtedly the jewel of the island. It is a fisher’s village full of labyrinthine streets and whitewashed houses. You will find small, authentic cafés and restaurants with the best products of the island.

While you’re in the area, head to the Olla de Binisafua, which has a cliff under very porous limestone rock, which over the centuries has allowed nature to build unbeatable “ollas”, or inlets in the rock, accessible from small concrete paths and where you can bathe.

Wander in the Bay of Fornells, the perfect place to delight your palate with the famous lobster stew, the island’s most emblematic dish. It has a cliff where you can relax while watching the waves break.

Don’t forget to stroll through the streets and harbour of both Mahon and Ciudadela. Romantic landscapes with many shops where you can buy handicrafts, abarcas, and other local products. Have a famous pomada, a drink based on gin and lemonade.

Other Activities

Enjoy water sports in every corner of the island, take a boat or sailing trip, admire the sunsets, and dive in one of the largest biosphere reserves in Spain.

Learn about the culture of the authentic Menorcan peasant at the popular festivals, very frequent in summer, where there are horse parades with the typical local jaleo – a real dressage class!

Take a tour of the island’s lighthouses, go horse riding, go hiking, visit the military fortress of La Mola, and much more.

As you can see, Menorca offers endless leisure opportunities.

Holidays in Spain for More Than a Week…

You’ll see that in just one visit you won’t have time to do everything you have in mind.

Remember that, if you’re going with your family, there are many all-inclusive hotel deals with children’s activities.

As you’ll want to see lots of beaches and coves, and we don’t blame you for that, you’ll need a hire car.

Finally, apart from eating that magnificent lobster stew, don’t leave the island without luring into the typical ensaimada or coca bread. Don’t forget that you can use iScribo’s spelling and grammar checker to help you make all the reservations that come up during your trip.

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