15 Tips To Help You Expressing Love In Spanish

Do you know how to say I love you in Spanish? Do you want to keep the flame of love burning? We show you how to write a letter in terms of love in Spanish.

Nowadays it is easy to find ideas and inspiration on the Internet, either on a website, blog, or social media to write about love in Spanish.

Thanks to technology, we have templates, millions of classic or modern poems to copy, or even some tricks from influential people that teach you how to write a letter.

Emoticons, a virtual letter, a WhatsApp message… anything goes to make a declaration. However, if we want to be original and romantic, why not resort to the traditional method of writing a love letter in our own handwriting?

Sit down, read, and get inspired to write an epic declaration of love.


The first thing we need to be clear about is the purpose of the love letter.

In this little piece of paper, we are going to express our feelings and emotions, as well as include our authenticity, vulnerability, and essence. It is not enough just to say I love you in Spanish.

Think that the aim of the letter is to move someone so that they become emotional. It will be a memory that they will keep in a drawer and in their heart for the rest of their life.

Is it a summer love? Our purpose today is not to write a goodbye letter to a lover, so if this is your case don’t worry, you can always reflect that the letter is a “see you soon” and not a goodbye letter. Thanks to technology, nowadays there is no such thing as a summer love that you will never see again.

Sentences you can Use

Reflect on your love story so that the inspiration flows all at once and you don’t have to stop and think.

Once memories come to mind, either of the person’s physicality or personality or of shared experiences, use these sentences as a structure to help you write your love letter. But don’t copy them word by word! Personalise them with your own memories.

1. Hay tantas cosas bonitas que me gustaría decirte que no sé por dónde empezar.

(There are so many beautiful things I would like to say to you that I don’t know where to start.)

2. Recuerdo la primera vez que te vi, estabas radiante con esa chaqueta que realzaba el color de tus ojos.

(I remember the first time I saw you; you were radiant in that jacket that brought out the colour of your eyes.)

3. ¿Te acuerdas de aquella vez que paseamos por la playa al atardecer?

(Do you remember the time we walked along the beach at sunset?)

4. Juntos hemos creado momentos irrepetibles, como aquella vez que no podíamos parar de reír.

(Together we have created unrepeatable moments, like that time when we couldn’t stop laughing.)

5. Me encanta cuando cantas, aunque no sepas muy bien cómo, pero llenas la habitación de alegría.

(I love it when you sing, even if you don’t really know how, but you fill the room with joy.)

6. Me enamoré perdidamente de ti en nuestro primer viaje juntos a París.

(I fell madly in love with you on our first trip to Argentina together.)

7. Lo que más me gusta de ti es tu sonrisa. No dejas de sonreír y eso me transmite paz y amor.

(What I love most about you is your smile. You never stop smiling and that gives me peace and love.)

8. Cada vez que escucho nuestra canción me inundan recuerdos felices en la mente.

(Every time I hear our song, happy memories flood my mind.)

9. En mi cabeza resuena tu nombre como una melodía dulce de inspiración de amor.

(Your name resounds in my head like a sweet melody of love and inspiration.)

10. Cuando pienso en los baches que hemos superados juntos, como aquella vez que […]. Lo superamos juntos, ¡formamos el mejor equipo!

(When I think of the bumps we’ve overcome together, like that time when […]. We got through it together, we make the best team!)

11. Siempre dices lo adecuado en el momento oportuno. No hay mayor apoyo que el que tú me das.

(You always say the right thing at the right time. There is no greater support in life than yours.)

Some Additional Resources

You probably already have a good love letter if you have completed all the above points, but there are some additional resources that never fail and look great.

You can include a love poem or just a few verses that remind you of your soul mate. We recommend the classics by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and Mario Benedetti, they never fail!

If you are overflowing with inspiration, I recommend you write an original poem, with metaphors and allegories. You’ll see that it will be beautiful, and your soul mate will surely like it even more for its sentimental value.

Who doesn’t like to be the inspiration for a love poem?

Add some Handmade Crafts

Since you are going to write the love letter by hand, add some personal and homemade touches that will be the cherry on the cake to your declaration of love.

12. Douse the paper with some of your perfume. A couple of swipes of the spray are enough but don’t overdo it. Keep in mind that this should be done before writing so that the ink doesn’t smear and ruin the letter you’ve already written.

13. You can add a bit of glitter in the margins or make shapes, like a heart.

14. Draw a hand-drawn picture as a background for the paper.

15. Don’t forget to sign it!

Show Love Wherever you Go

Once you have written the letter, use our tool to correct any mistakes it might have. You can also accompany the love letter with some flowers or a bright and cheerful flowerpot. No matter what the love letter looks like, I’m sure they will love it and keep it forever. Don’t forget that the important thing in life is to pass on the good and leave a mark of love and happiness wherever you go.

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