8 Questions To Ask In An Interview In Spanish

Are you moving to Spain and need to prepare for an interview? Do you want to know the possible questions to ask in an interview? iScribo helps you to succeed.

Are you part of a recruitment process? On important occasions, when answers have employment consequences, it is natural to be lacking in confidence.

However, you will find that preparing for an interview will give you all the confidence you need to show the recruitment team all your skills.

Often it’s not about making it look like you need the job, but rather about giving the company a reason to show that they need you and not someone else.

Right now you need a pen, paper, and a few hours of your time to remember what you do best and worst in life.

Ice-breaker Questions

Recruiters do not want you to experience insecurities and nerves. They feel that the most important thing to start with is that you feel at ease and comfortable enough for them to get to know you as well as possible.

Here are some introductory questions that are used to break the ice while getting to know a little bit more about you, which will be used for profiling:

1. Háblanos un poco de ti.

(Tell us a little about yourself.)

Focus on your professional profile, they don’t want to know that you like to barbecue with your friends every weekend.

2. ¿Qué sabes de nuestra empresa?

(What do you know about our company?)

Please, the Internet is accessible to everyone, surf a little bit and prepare the most remarkable things about the business, such as the person who founded the organisation, countries where it is present, sectors in which it is active etc. This question may be accompanied by a ¿Por qué nosotros? (Why us?).

3. ¿Cuáles son tus metas?

(What are your goals?)

Show your ambitions! Now is the time to tell them that you want to take over the world. They may also ask you why you are interested in the job.

Uncomfortable Questions

Don’t worry, they’re just trying to find out how you handle stress and adverse situations at work – who knows, you might even have a team to manage! They also want to know how you get out of uncomfortable situations.

4. ¿Cómo trabajas bajo presión?

(How do you work under pressure?)

They want to know if you are a respectful and decisive person. Use your experience to answer this question.

5. ¿Por qué has cambiado tanto de trabajo?

(Why have you switched jobs so much?)

This question is intended to understand how you value the jobs you have been in before. Remember not to badmouth your previous employer or position. No one likes that. You can just tell them that you need a change in your life. Often it is a matter of explaining what you have learned from other experiences.

6. En tu currículum vemos que has estado un par de años sin trabajar, ¿a qué se debe?

(On your CV we see that you have been out of work for a couple of years, why is that?)

Everyone has their reasons but you can always argue that you have preferred to continue your education.

Questions about your Skills

This can be the hardest part because it is where you can set yourself apart from the competition. Now it’s about demonstrating your uniqueness as well as humility. Using empathy and determination usually works quite well.

7. ¿Cuáles son tus fortalezas?

(What are your strengths?)

Use real professional arguments and examples that show what you do best. Tell them three qualities related to the job so that they understand your competencies. These can include technical skills such as knowledge of specific software or personal skills such as team leadership.

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8. ¿Cuáles son tus debilidades?

(What are your weaknesses?)

Name any weaknesses that you are currently improving. For example, you are on a course to learn how to use new software to expand your knowledge.

Weaknesses can become your greatest potential.

Stand in front of the mirror and practise

Don’t be left with the feeling that you haven’t given them all you have. You can prepare for an interview in front of a mirror.

Ask someone to help you with the questions to ask in an interview, so you can practise face-to-face interaction. Remember that you can write down your answers on paper and use the iScribo tool to correct any mistakes.

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