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With diverse backgrounds in law, international business, linguistics and IT, our fantastic team has managed to create a tool that serves all types of writers. Whether you’re a student mastering your language skills or a professional polishing an email, we’ve been in your shoes. We hope our platform helps you communicate boldly, no matter what you set out to do.

Board of Directors

Claudia Gerhartz LLM

Founder & CEO iScribo

Claudia is a qualified lawyer in both Colombia and Spain and the founding managing partner of Ortíz-Fonseca & Abogados. Over the years, her legal work and studies have taken her to various countries worldwide, adding numerous qualifications to her belt, including a Master of Laws from King’s College London, Executive Education at the University of Oxford and membership within the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. As she travelled, she realised that writing well not only opens doors academically but on a community level, connecting people together through words. With her passion for languages (native Spanish, fluent English, intermediary Italian, and beginner’s German), she set about creating a Spanish grammar check tool, and iScribo was born.

Timothy Straker KC

Non-Executive Director iScribo

Timothy has appeared in courts at the highest level and has advised on elections and related multiple jurisdictions across the world, from England and Wales to Guyana, Asia, and Trinidad and Tobago. A Cambridge University graduate with experience working across countries and cultures, he understands the importance of clear communication, no matter whether you’re working in your first, second, or third language. 

William Shacklock

Business Development for iScribo

William works as a corporate finance consultant in the UK and abroad. He has decades of experience in business development and finance for international companies, backed up by a BA in Economics from the University of Manchester. Through his international experience, he believes in the power of iScribo to help everyone feel confident communicating in Spanish, whatever their level.

Linguistics Department

Eulàlia de Bobes Soler

iScribo Head Linguistics Specialist

Eulàlia is a linguist through and through, with a doctorate in translation and interpretation from the University of Salamanca coupled with an extensive academic background in linguistics and publications in Spanish grammar. She also has significant experience in the editorial coordination of publications, journalism and writing, and translating Spanish, English and French for private clients.

María del Mar Pérez García

iScribo Linguistics Specialist

María is our go-to linguist for everything tech-related, thanks to her master’s degree in Translation in New Technologies. Specifically, she specialises in scientific and technical translation for software, websites and other computer programmes. Her skillset also extends to translation and revision of HR software, video games, GILT and terminology. With more than one string to her bow, she also has extensive experience in editing, proofreading and transcreation.

Constanza Jeldres


Constanza is both a linguist and journalist. She has experience in Chile, Spain and the United Kingdom. Constanza has more than 10 years of professional experience as a specialised translator from English into Spanish. She is also a specialist in communication, conducting academic research in the subject. She conducts both linguistic analysis and conversational analysis. Her experience in artificial intelligence has particularly related to natural language processing. As a member of the iScribo team. Constanza writes the blog, being articles relating to the grammar and culture of Spanish.

Ana Gómez Hidalgo

iScribo Linguistics Specialist

Ana is a translator and interpreter with extensive experience working within the business world. She is able to translate and interpret English and Spanish both simultaneously and consecutively and provides clients with translation and proofreading services within a variety of corporate niches, covering law, finances, banking, and corporations. She also provides translation for personal, labour and academic documents.

Marta Callava Linares

iScribo Linguistics Specialist

With over a decade of experience working in Spanish translation, Marta specialises in bilingual localisation. Rather than just translating into the standard language, she focuses on translating into colloquial meaning. Over the years, she’s worked on a variety of projects, including highly technical content, as well as projects with prominent digital businesses such as Amazon and Netflix. 

Technology, AI & Innovation Department

Julian Reyes Rueda

Head of Technology, AI & Innovation

Julian is an artificial intelligence specialist and university professor from Colombia, holding Master’s degrees in both artificial intelligence and industrial engineering from Andes University and Madrid Polytécnica. With more than 10 years’ experience in organisational strategy, data, analytics and strategic planning, Julian’s expertise and diverse skill set have been honed at global tech companies and government agencies in the UK, Spain and Colombia, including IBM and the Ministry of National Defence in Bogota. With his specialised academic background, Julian is now working towards a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He heads up innovation at our Spanish grammar app, unlocking iScribo’s AI to produce and revise content and ensure optimum performance.

Marketing Department

Saqib Abbass

Head of Marketing for iScribo

Saqib lives and breathes marketing, with over five years in digital marketing, product marketing, communications, PR, brand marketing and strategy. His passion for connecting across countries and cultures led him to iScribo, where he heads up the marketing team. He works tirelessly to unite value and community by bringing a healthy dose of creativity along with the latest marketing techniques.

Meet Claudia

Claudia 2 - Carta

Hi, I’m Claudia Gerhartz, LLM, the founder and CEO of iScribo, the Spanish grammar check tool. While studying and working abroad, I began to understand that good grammar is critical for successful communication.

I know what it’s like to worry about writing in your second language, fearing what others might say and whether it will affect how you’re seen as a professional. I remember the uncertainty of writing a simple letter or university essay in a second language and how it affected my confidence.

It’s nerve-wracking enough to submit great work in your native language, let alone a second or even third language. Although these are very human – and very normal – feelings, I eventually built up my confidence with the help of different tools and methods that helped me practise my grammar.

Using these tools and realising their benefit, I was inspired to create a tool to help Spanish speakers improve and feel confident in their professional and everyday communication. I took my experience and formed a team of experts to develop iScribo, a Spanish grammar app that ensures you always feel comfortable and sure of yourself when communicating with the world.

So let’s start writing Spanish with confidence!

Best wishes,

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