The ultimate team to write better in Spanish

iScribo is not simply a Spanish grammar corrector. Know the team behind our platform and discover who wants to take the Spanish language to a better level.

iScribo is an innovative project which seeks to fill the language gap between English and Spanish.

Technology has the power to improve our lives, that is why iScribo uses AI to offer a strong, easy to use and accurate Spanish text editor. Keep reading to learn how these professionals from different fields came together to deliver a user-friendly text editor driven by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. 

Who is behind iScribo?

Claudia Gerhartz is co-founder and the CEO of iScribo, she is British Colombian. This may give you a clue as to why Claudia decided to embark on the project! Not only as a lawyer, but as a bilingual speaker, she knows better than anyone the problems behind having to write texts or even emails in different languages. She has worked in her profession with British clients doing business in Spain and Latin America. Due to her profession and the interaction with people from different backgrounds, she has witnessed first-hand the difficulties experienced by those doing business in countries where they are not in their first language and having to compose letters or perform presentations. 

Claudia advised companies wishing to open new markets in Latin America but lacking the necessary language skills, and also seen British families having a second home in Spain or Latin America, struggling with the Spanish language.

Timothy Straker is Non-Executive Director of iScribo. Timothy is also conscious that writing clearly, with good grammar, increases the chance of communicating better. His impressive experience counts as well when advising on elections and related matters in multiple jurisdictions around the world. He graduated from Cambridge University and has worked across many different countries and cultures.

William Shacklock, Business Development for iScribo, is the third member of the core and heart of our project. With a BA in Economics from Manchester University and decades of experience in business development and finance for international companies, William works as a corporate finance consultant in the UK and abroad. Through his own experiences, he understands the importance of smooth communication, no matter whether you are native or working in your second language.

But, who else believes in this ambitious project?

The process of creation of iScribo involved a group of computer engineering and IT experts, a team of linguists, a journalist, a UX experience adviser, a graphic designer, and marketing professionals.

As you can see, we rely on the best experts in each field in order to develop a competent tool that meets the demands of users who need to improve their Spanish grammar. One of the main values shared by all the professionals who are part of this team is that we believe that better communication is possible if we combine all the human skills with artificial intelligence, and that is how we created the magic of this text editor!

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What an adventure!

It took a year and a half to create our platform! We’d love to say it was all plain sailing, but we all know that the best things in life take time to work out and perfect. We dealt with many ups and downs and changes to create the product we have today. 

Imagine that in order to make iScribo work, all our experts had to give their opinion and thus bring together all the advice and experience to make the platform work perfectly. We have exposed the product to the comments of professionals with the aim of improving the user experience and, we have introduced it to our family and friends. We now introduce it to you in the hope that with your comments we can make corrections and enhancements to create a better product.

iScribo is proud to be the first choice of Spanish writers and students that want to improve their Spanish language skills. Our commitment to innovation gives you the confidence that your writing won’t let you down. A good Spanish text editor will be a valuable piece of your equipment to work and study, allowing you to deal with the challenges that writing presents. Whatever the text you have in mind, iScribo is here to meet your needs.

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