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11 Resources for the Correct Use of Spanish

When it comes to writing, it is normal to have doubts. Even native speakers ask themselves how to spell a certain word or phrase. Luckily, if you wonder what the best way is to learn Spanish as an adult, there are resources for the correct use of Spanish, both official and unofficial, that you’ll find quite helpful.

From resources to learn Spanish and write it like academics to expert channels that occupy a privileged place in the development of the language, read this article and learn these websites that will help you every time you need it.

Online Resources to Help Learn Spanish

This article must begin, as it could not be otherwise, with the official online resources of our academics and other tools to help learn Spanish from organisations that try to preserve the good use of the language.

1. RAE: you’ve probably guessed it. The Real Academia Española not only has numerous publications, but its channels and web pages are here to help us and show us the way to perfect Spanish. In addition to consulting their dictionaries in Spanish, the RAE has a quick consultation channel or a dictionary of doubts, among others. Take the time you need to familiarise yourself with its websites and make the most out of them.

2. Fundéu: Our second favorite resource, as you probably know too. You can search for queries that have already been solved and ask what you can’t find. There is always an expert ready to help. Not only on their website, you can also contact them in real time through social networks.

3. Academia Mexicana de la Lengua: you already know that Spanish has many variants and all of them are valid. This resource is the key to Latin Spanish, the most widely spoken in the world. Do you know Guido Gómez de Silva’s dictionary of Mexicanisms?

Resources for Learning Spanish as a Foreign Language

The community of experts is immense and you can always turn to more than one tool to help you with your Spanish. If the language of Cervantes is not your native language, don’t worry, in addition to the resources already mentioned, you can check the following:

4. Instituto Cervantes: this institute oversees bringing Spanish to any part of the world. As a foreigner learning Spanish, you will be more than familiar with the work of this organisation. Today we recommend El libro del español perfecto whose title speaks for itself.

5. RTVE: learning and improving Spanish through podcasts is a very original idea to develop multitasking and the language itself. When you are in the car, relaxing on the beach or on a fishing day, listening to testimonials and stories will make you improve in no time – and you won’t even realise it!

6. Wikilengua: This comprehensive resource expands your Spanish horizons. Here you will see how the rules of Spanish are applied as dictated by the RAE. A wealth of wisdom in an intuitive searching format.

Other Resources for the Correct Use of Spanish

We could talk about institutions or people who improve our language all day long! In the end, there are so many Spanish lovers spread around the world. Here we leave you some personalities or entities that have collaborated so that the good use of Spanish reaches all users.

7. The Diccionario de uso del español by María Moliner: is not so much focused on the norm but on usage. It is worth using it frequently to learn how far the frontiers of Spanish extend.

8. Diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos by El País: newspapers have their own style guides and sometimes they use their own resources to apply the rules and bring them to us. Look up a meaning and be surprised by its family of words.

9. Minucias del lenguaje: this work by Jose G. Moreno presents reflections, doubts, explanations, research, etc. on Spanish in Mexico. It is a very comprehensive publication on the syntactic, orthographic and phonetic resources of Spanish, among others.

10. El dardo en la palabra by the illustrious Fernando Lázaro Carreter: it is a work that compiles journalistic articles and explains their impact on the evolution of Spanish as a language.

iScribo, your Tool to Write in Spanish

It is normal to have doubts when writing any language, so it is increasingly common to look for resources to write in Spanish in the best possible way.

11. iScribo: it aims to help everyone write Spanish as correctly as possible. This is one more tool to add to the list in terms of proper Spanish writing. What other tools do you know of, and what other resources are used in Latin America? Tell us in the comments and remember that it’s all about learning!

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