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6 Spanish Expressions for Summer and Their Meaning

Summer sayings and proverbs are an institution in Spanish language. Expressions for summer and heat are used throughout the year, but more frequently during these months.

Are you excited for the summer holidays? We must say that we do love summer and Spanish summer phrases! As we already introduced you a few months ago with seasonal expressions, this article aims to help you learn or refresh some expressions about summer that will make you smile.

Summer Idioms and Their Meaning  

We are going to be a bit traditional in this section but it is more than necessary:

1. Hacer el agosto: (make the August, literally) means to make a good deal, as businesses do during this month of summer. In the old days it was related to the storage of the harvest and its use in this very hot month.

2. Pasar una noche de perros: (spending a dog’s night, literally) means that falling asleep on a summer night can be a challenge. The sweltering heat in some areas is not conducive to a good night’s rest. This saying is related to the nightly barking of dogs that prevent neighbours from getting a good night’s rest.

3. Si quieres vivir sano, madruga en el verano: (if you want to live healthy, get up early in the summer, literally) this means that in order to have quality days, it is better to get up early and take advantage of the hours of less heat.

Popular Phrases

Society’s creativity has provided us with some phrases that, over time, have become part of our daily lives:

4. Morirse de calor: (die of heat, literally) we use the verb “morir” in a figurative sense when we experience some extreme sensation, for better or worse. In summer, the intense heat favours the use of this phrase.

5. ¡Cómo aprieta el Lorenzo!: (Lorenzo y squeezing us, literally) the sun is called Lorenzo because the feast of San Lorenzo is celebrated on 10 August in Spain, one of the hottest days of the year. By the way, you can also take advantage of this day to see the famous “tears of San Lorenzo“, an impressive shower of stars.

6. Irse de terraceo : (Going out looking for terraces, literally): with the good summer weather it is more than obligatory to enjoy a few beers on the terrace of a bar, especially at night, is there anything more Spanish than that?

iScribo and Language Preservation

We love to protect and spread the good use of the Spanish language. Our spelling and grammar checker corrects as you write so that your documents have the quality they deserve. Have you tried it yet? Do you know any more Spanish expressions for the summer? Tell us in the comments all the expressions about summer that you know.

IA and iScribo

Careers to do With Artificial Intelligence

Many young people are wondering what jobs use artificial intelligence. The fear of machines replacing us means that more and more people are looking for careers to do with artificial intelligence, that and a tendency of being cool. What’s more, as technology takes pride of place today, new jobs with artificial intelligence are appearing all the time.

From the sciences with technology at the forefront to the arts with linguists on the rise, artificial intelligence in business is booming. Training in the world of AI is in high demand and more and more professions are adapting and evolving towards a new and modern present. Discover with iScribo how and where careers in AI are being applied.

Computational Linguistics

As we have seen before, computational linguistics is what makes machines understand humans, making it one of the main careers for artificial intelligence. Humans teach machines.

Computational linguists help other employees communicate better with the company and assist the customer to understand the product. A background in linguistics and a basic level of programming are the perfect combination to succeed in the artificial intelligence job market.

Psychology in AI

If you wonder ‘what careers can you do with artificial intelligence?’ you cannot skip phycology. Among the work related to artificial intelligence, it seems obvious that we should mention it. Psychology studies how the mind works, and in this case, we are going to focus on cognitive psychology. Learning how humans and machines work is more closely related than you think.

Clinical psychology is already used in patients with degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or senile dementia. In addition, AI is present in post-traumatic treatments related to other diseases.

Philosophy in AI  

Philosophy is another career related to artificial intelligence. AI is changing the way humans think, so philosophy plays an important role in this process. Philosophy questions everything and modern thinking occupies a special place in this discipline.

Philosophy looks at the impact of AI at work and how we behave towards it. However, what is most striking in terms of philosophy is the study of ethics when dealing with artificial intelligence. What are the limits of this technology? If anyone questions the safety of it all, it is surely philosophy.

Digital Marketing in AI

Marketing studies available data to increase or decrease it and attract new customers. Although it does much more, this is what we are going to focus on to talk about artificial intelligence in this post.

What’s more, AI studies and discovers new patterns of people’s behaviour so that marketing can apply them to the advantage of each company. Customer relationship management is more manageable if we combine AI with digital marketing.

Computing in AI

Here is the field you were probably looking forward to reading about. For obvious reasons, all professions related to computer science will always have a career in the artificial intelligence sector.

Programming, development, quality assurance, computer engineering, data tagging, data scientist and cyber security are just a few examples of the professions you can go into if you are attracted to artificial intelligence. If you possess some of these skills, you can work in any company, since nowadays, everyone is looking for computer scientists in general.

You can be sure that new professions related to artificial intelligence will continue to appear as time goes by.

iScribo and its role in AI

In this post we have explained some of the careers to do with artificial intelligence that you probably didn’t know existed, in terms of AI. In addition to the jobs with artificial intelligence we have mentioned, there are many more, especially in the field of technology, but they are probably the ones you already know or that everyone is talking about.

Now you may be wondering, does iScribo have anything to do with artificial intelligence? Our spell and grammar checker works thanks to it. Try it and discover how its intelligent engine corrects your Spanish as you write it. Behind this technology there is a group of professionals who make it possible. Have you tried it yet? And, do you know more jobs in AI? Tell us about it in the comments.

Culture around Spanish language

Challenges of Working in Spain as a Foreigner

Working in Spain as a foreigner, or in any Spanish-speaking country, is not easy but not impossible. The first major difficulty in finding a job, if you are a foreigner, will be the time it takes to regularise your situation. If you are a foreigner who is looking for work abroad, like in Spain, the first thing you will need is to get your foreigner’s identification number in order to register with the social security. In other Spanish-speaking countries, the requirements are very different. Be aware that the process can be long and tedious in some cases.

There are many Spanish companies looking for foreign workers, so if you wonder ‘what are the challenges of finding a job abroad?’, we’ll tell you the main challenges of finding a job in a Spanish-speaking country. Take note of these tips from iScribo to plan your adventure in the best possible way.

Main Barriers

If you are wondering about the integration of foreign workers into the labour market in Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country, we can tell you it works exactly the same as in any other country. Social barriers are the most difficult taboo to overcome wherever you go.

If Spanish is not your mother tongue, language will continue to be a major handicap. It’s all right because there are companies hiring foreign workers as they don’t mind you not having a native accent. Bear in mind that there are many Spanish speakers who face the same problem: an accent from Chile is not the same as an accent from Western Sahara, for example.

Labour inclusion, equal opportunities and decent employment are other issues to be taken into account. Many foreigners with a postgraduate education and extensive experience are forced to start out in low-paid, basic jobs, which can lead to frustration.

Other Difficulties

Integration is synonym of cultural adaptation. Integration into a different culture takes time and is sometimes not achieved even if you have been in the target country for many years. It’s not easy, but learning and practising a foreign culture will increase your job opportunities. Think that you will also be contributing to your personal growth. Knowledge does not take up space. If it is too difficult for you, you may have to seek the help of a native speaker to explain to you the key aspects of the culture and teach you how to understand it.

Racial discrimination is no less important. This is a problem in many countries and, although there are laws and measures in place to try to eradicate it, there is still quite a lot to improve. We cannot guarantee you will not experience a negative situation because of this, but we can tell you that not everyone is the same and that, just as you might be rejected, you may be welcomed with open arms. You’d be surprised how many people are there to help you in times of difficulty.

What Can We Do?

We can also do our bit with good and healthy practice. It is up to all of us to create a better world to share.

Promoting diversity and welcoming new cultures enriches society. Campaigns to raise awareness and sensitivity to labour integration have positive effects and gradually improve the outlook for all foreigners who want to work in Spain.

Let us fight the lack of a support network for all newcomers. It’s hard enough to move to another country without having to deal with social and employment problems, isn’t it?

Before moving to a Spanish-speaking country, find out about the documentation you need and about the recognition of qualifications if you have higher or postgraduate education. The more you prepare, the fewer nasty surprises you will encounter.

And above all, respect all cultures you meet, not just the culture of the country you are in. Applying moral values opens many doors – not only in the workplace.

iScribo Breaks Down Unnecessary Barriers

iScribo aims to put an end to the difficulty of working in Spain as a foreigner. Writing correct Spanish doesn’t have to be a difficulty in finding a job – there are already too many of them! Focus on the cultural aspects, your education and your desire to learn. Let our spelling and grammar checker do the rest. Have you moved to a Spanish-speaking country? What barriers have you faced and how have you overcome them (or are you overcoming them)? Tell us in the comments so that we can learn and reduce today’s employment barriers.

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20 Internet Acronyms in Spanish for Every User

The popularity of Internet acronyms in Spanish is growing due to the increased use of social networks and platforms in the IT world. Adapting to them properly can be crucial at work or simply to feel accepted around technology.

At iScribo, we want to show you the most popular Internet related abbreviations so you can jump on the digital trend bandwagon. Read on to discover them.

Why are Internet Word Abbreviations Used?

Years ago, sending a text message had a maximum number of characters free of charge, and above a certain number, you had to pay more for the extra characters, which may be where the creativity of users to say a lot in just 160 characters began.

Nowadays, it is a matter of social acceptance, especially among young people, or rather to save time when writing.

Spanish Internet Vocabulary

Internet abbreviations and acronyms, and their meaning is a much talked-about topic at family meals or get-togethers with friends. It takes practice to learn them well:

1. B. D.: base de datos (data base).

2. admón.: administración (administration).

3.  a.: arroba (at).

4. (a): alias.

5. A/A: a la atención de (to the attention of).

6. atte.: atentamente (kind regards).

7. C. A.: compañía anónima (public limited company, although it can also be an autonomous community).

8. c. e.: correo electrónico (email).

9. p. o.; P. O.; p/o: por orden (by order, as you can see, there are different ways of saying it).

10. S. A.: sociedad anónima (limited company, although it is also used for your highness).

11. V. O. S.: versión original subtitulada (original version subtitled).

English Acronyms in Internet

English, of course, has influenced the acronyms as the main language of the computer and programming world. These acronyms are widely used.

12. AKA: as known as.

13. ASAP: as soon as possible.

14. BTW: by the way.

15. FTF: face to face.

16. FYI: for your information.

17. HTH: hope that helps.

18. JIC: just in case.

19. LOL: laughing out loud.

20. OMG: oh my God.

If you want to know more about English acronyms in the world of work, take a look at this link.

Practise, Learn and Improve

Remember to respect the rules as much as you can when writing Internet acronyms. Internet vocabulary tends not to follow the recommendations of academics but remember – we have to protect Spanish language as much as possible. In iScribo you can write and see improvements, suggestions and corrections in real time. Work with a Spanish assistant and make a good impression wherever you go with our Spanish spelling and grammar checker. And you, do you know more Internet acronyms in Spanish?

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