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20 Internet Acronyms in Spanish for Every User

The popularity of Internet acronyms in Spanish is growing due to the increased use of social networks and platforms in the IT world. Adapting to them properly can be crucial at work or simply to feel accepted around technology.

At iScribo, we want to show you the most popular Internet related abbreviations so you can jump on the digital trend bandwagon. Read on to discover them.

Why are Internet Word Abbreviations Used?

Years ago, sending a text message had a maximum number of characters free of charge, and above a certain number, you had to pay more for the extra characters, which may be where the creativity of users to say a lot in just 160 characters began.

Nowadays, it is a matter of social acceptance, especially among young people, or rather to save time when writing.

Spanish Internet Vocabulary

Internet abbreviations and acronyms, and their meaning is a much talked-about topic at family meals or get-togethers with friends. It takes practice to learn them well:

1. B. D.: base de datos (data base).

2. admón.: administración (administration).

3.  a.: arroba (at).

4. (a): alias.

5. A/A: a la atención de (to the attention of).

6. atte.: atentamente (kind regards).

7. C. A.: compañía anónima (public limited company, although it can also be an autonomous community).

8. c. e.: correo electrónico (email).

9. p. o.; P. O.; p/o: por orden (by order, as you can see, there are different ways of saying it).

10. S. A.: sociedad anónima (limited company, although it is also used for your highness).

11. V. O. S.: versión original subtitulada (original version subtitled).

English Acronyms in Internet

English, of course, has influenced the acronyms as the main language of the computer and programming world. These acronyms are widely used.

12. AKA: as known as.

13. ASAP: as soon as possible.

14. BTW: by the way.

15. FTF: face to face.

16. FYI: for your information.

17. HTH: hope that helps.

18. JIC: just in case.

19. LOL: laughing out loud.

20. OMG: oh my God.

If you want to know more about English acronyms in the world of work, take a look at this link.

Practise, Learn and Improve

Remember to respect the rules as much as you can when writing Internet acronyms. Internet vocabulary tends not to follow the recommendations of academics but remember – we have to protect Spanish language as much as possible. In iScribo you can write and see improvements, suggestions and corrections in real time. Work with a Spanish assistant and make a good impression wherever you go with our Spanish spelling and grammar checker. And you, do you know more Internet acronyms in Spanish?

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