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6 Spanish Expressions for Summer and Their Meaning

Summer sayings and proverbs are an institution in Spanish language. Expressions for summer and heat are used throughout the year, but more frequently during these months.

Are you excited for the summer holidays? We must say that we do love summer and Spanish summer phrases! As we already introduced you a few months ago with seasonal expressions, this article aims to help you learn or refresh some expressions about summer that will make you smile.

Summer Idioms and Their Meaning  

We are going to be a bit traditional in this section but it is more than necessary:

1. Hacer el agosto: (make the August, literally) means to make a good deal, as businesses do during this month of summer. In the old days it was related to the storage of the harvest and its use in this very hot month.

2. Pasar una noche de perros: (spending a dog’s night, literally) means that falling asleep on a summer night can be a challenge. The sweltering heat in some areas is not conducive to a good night’s rest. This saying is related to the nightly barking of dogs that prevent neighbours from getting a good night’s rest.

3. Si quieres vivir sano, madruga en el verano: (if you want to live healthy, get up early in the summer, literally) this means that in order to have quality days, it is better to get up early and take advantage of the hours of less heat.

Popular Phrases

Society’s creativity has provided us with some phrases that, over time, have become part of our daily lives:

4. Morirse de calor: (die of heat, literally) we use the verb “morir” in a figurative sense when we experience some extreme sensation, for better or worse. In summer, the intense heat favours the use of this phrase.

5. ¡Cómo aprieta el Lorenzo!: (Lorenzo y squeezing us, literally) the sun is called Lorenzo because the feast of San Lorenzo is celebrated on 10 August in Spain, one of the hottest days of the year. By the way, you can also take advantage of this day to see the famous “tears of San Lorenzo“, an impressive shower of stars.

6. Irse de terraceo : (Going out looking for terraces, literally): with the good summer weather it is more than obligatory to enjoy a few beers on the terrace of a bar, especially at night, is there anything more Spanish than that?

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