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15 Sports Players From Spanish-Speaking Countries

Learning Spanish through sports with the most famous Spanish-speaking athletes of these times. Sport also breaks down borders and is another valid way to learn Spanish and improving your level in this language.

Sport is important for physical development but it can also be a tool for practising Spanish and getting to know other cultures. Learn today with iScribo some sports players from Spanish-speaking countries to improve your Spanish in a different field.

Most Popular Spanish Athletes

1. Rafael Nadal: this Spanish athlete needs no introduction anywhere in the world. So far, he has won 22 Grand Slams and one Olympic gold at individual level. He is a tennis legend, not only in Spain, but worldwide.

2. Pau Gasol: the basketball player has won two NBA rings and two Olympic silver medals with the Spanish national team. He has also won a Copa del Rey and several Spanish leagues – a real reference!

3. Carolina Marín: the three-time badminton world champion has also won four European championships and one Olympic Games. Her record is impeccable and she is unparalleled!

4. María Pérez: the two-time world champion in racewalking continues to lead Spanish athletics to the top. She has also won a European Championship. She is one of the few athletes to win two gold medals in racewalking at the same competition.

5. Alexia Putellas: the football player has already won a World Cup at the highest level and several European Cups at youth level. She has also won a few Champions League titles and has been named best player on numerous occasions. She indeed is the best of the world.

6. Jon Rham: the Spanish golfer is among the best in the world for the number of trophies he has won during his career.

Other Famous Latin American Athletes

7. Yulimar Rojas: the Venezuelan athlete has broken world records in the triple long jump. With her Olympic gold in Tokyo and several world championships, it is a marvel to watch her compete.

8. Luciana Aimar: the Argentinean hockey player has been ranked as the best in the world eight times. She has led the Argentinian national team to where it deserves to be.

9. Lionel Messi: we could not leave the man considered the best footballer in the world out of this list. In addition to being a world champion and having led Barcelona to the top in Europe on several occasions, he has a multitude of individual trophies.

10. Mariana Pajón: there is no end to the Colombian cyclist’s track record. In addition to two Olympic titles and another as Olympic runner-up, Mariana has won several world championships and is a source of pride for Colombia.

11. Mijaín López: the Cuban Greco-Roman wrestler has won the gold medal in Olympic competitions on four occasions. He is a legend in Cuba and a pride of Latin America.

12.  Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez: after many years without Mexican athletes at world level in Formula One, this Mexican won three podiums in motorsport.

13. Neisi Dajomes: The Ecuadorian athlete is an Olympic champion in weightlifting and made history in Ecuador as the first woman to win a medal. No wonder she is a national and Latin community reference.

14. Sofía Mulanovich: the Peruvian surfer has been proclaimed world champion on three occasions.

15. Arturo Armendariz: the Guatemalan is a specialist in creative weapons and has won world competitions in kickboxing and karate – there’s no one to beat him!

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