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The 20 Most Common Connectors in Spanish

Connectors allow us to link sentences in a logical order. They are links that give sense to a few sentences within a discourse.

Today iScribo shows you the most common connectors in Spanish, from addition connectives to consecutives. Common Spanish connecting words can contain adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. Read on to find out more.

Adversative Connectors

They express opposition between two ideas:

1. Ahora bien: La casa que has comprado es bonita, ahora bien, no tiene piscina (The house you bought is nice, but it doesn’t have a swimming pool.)

2. En cambio: Víctor no vendrá al cine, en cambio, sí que irá a la cena (Victor will not be coming to the cinema, nevertheless he will come to the dinner.)

3. Sin embargo: Estuvo enfermo toda la semana, sin embargo, no tuvo fiebre (He was sick all week, however, he had no fever.)

4. No obstante: Carolina no tenía razón, no obstante, nadie le dijo nada (Carolina was not right, but no one said anything to her.)

5. Pero: No supe qué hacer pero improvisé (I didn’t know what to do but improvised.)

Connectors of Addition

As their name suggests, additive connectors add information as well as link elements together:

6. Además: Tendréis que ir a Sevilla además de a Granada (You will have to go to Seville as well as Granada.)

7. Asimismo: iScribo corrige mientras escribes, asimismo te aporta sugerencias (iScribo corrects as you write, moreover it provides suggestions.).

8. Aparte: No quiero salir con ellas, aparte, no me apetece (I don’t want to go out with them, besides, I don’t feel like it.)

9. También: He comprado peras y también manzanas (I have bought pears and also apples.)

10. Por si fuera poco: Llegó tarde y, por si fuera poco, le tuve que preparar la cena (He arrived home and, on top of that, I had to prepare dinner for him.)

Concessive Connectors

They express that the action has been able to be carried out despite obstacles along the way:

11. Aun así: Se hizo muy tarde, aun así, pudo preparar el examen (It was very late, but he was still able to prepare for the exam.)

12. En cualquier caso: Me he pasado dos semanas preparando el viaje. En cualquier caso, no me acordé de esa visita (I have spent two weeks preparing for the trip. In any case, I didn’t remember that visit.)

13. De todas formas: No creo que me dé tiempo, de todas formas, si termino pronto, me paso (I don’t think I’ll have time, in any case, if I finish soon, I’ll stop by.)

14. De todos modos: Hace poco ejercicio, de todos modos, ha conseguido bajar de peso (He does little exercise, however, he has managed to lose weight.)

15. Sin bien: Si bien es cierto que se hizo tarde, consiguió llegar a tiempo (Although he was late, he managed to arrive on time.)

Consecutive Connectors

These connectors allow a consequence of the second action to be formulated with respect to the first:

16. Por consiguiente: Estuvo lloviendo toda la noche, por consiguiente, no hay que regar las macetas hoy (It rained all night, so we don’t have to water the plants today.)

17. Así pues: Se me han olvidado las llaves, así pues, tendré que irme a tu casa (I’ve forgotten my keys, therefore I’ll have to go to your place.)

18. Por ende: Se ha ido la señal, por ende, no hemos terminado de ver el programa (The signal has gone out, hence we haven’t finished watching the programme.)

19. Entonces: No queda vino, entonces solo puedes beber cerveza (There is no wine left, thus you can only drink beer.)

20. Por tanto: Hoy no salgo, por tanto, te veo mañana (I’m not going out today, which means I’ll see you tomorrow.)

iScribo & Spanish Grammar

There are other common Spanish connectives, such as the explanatory, sorting or corrective ones, which we will see any other time. iScribo respects Spanish grammar, therefore our corrector helps you write more accurately. Have you tried it? You can do it here.

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