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10 Autumn Quotes for this Change of Season

Have you already prepared for the falling leaves season? For many people autumn is the most romantic season. Beyond Pablo Neruda‘s autumn phrases and words, there are autumn expressions and sayings to help you communicate like a true Spanish speaker and find inspiration for the time being.

Read this iScribo article to learn autumn phrases and quotes. If you want to learn phrases from other seasons, visit our blog.

Autumn Quotes By Famous Authors

Here are our favourite autumn quotes from Spanish-speaking authors:

1. El otoño es un segundo respiro de la naturaleza (Autumn is a second breath of nature) by Lope de Vega.

2. El otoño es esa época del año en la que las hojas se visten de poesía y la naturaleza nos muestra su arte más hermoso, (Autumn is that time of year when the leaves are dressed in poetry and nature shows us its most beautiful art) by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.

3. Bienvenido otoño, estación de encuentros con uno mismo, de reflexión y de nuevos comienzos (Welcome autumn, the season of meeting oneself, of reflection and new beginnings) by Isabel Allende.

4. El otoño es la estación donde la naturaleza nos muestra que soltar es necesario para renacer (Autumn is the season where nature shows us that letting go is necessary to be reborn) by José Saramago.

5. El otoño es un tiempo de transformación, donde las hojas nos enseñan que es hermoso cambiar (Autumn is a time of transformation, where the leaves teach us that it is beautiful to change) by Gabriela Mistral.

Welcome Autumn Quotes and Sayings

6. Otoño lluvioso, invierno frondoso (Rainy autumn, lush winter): this saying implies the importance of weather conditions for harvest and nature. If it rains in autumn, winter will be prosperous with lush vegetation and abundant natural resources.

7. En otoño, la cosecha llena el granero (In autumn, the harvest fills the granary): in autumn, many crops are harvested to supply us during the winter. This expression of abundance can be extrapolated to our lives, in the sense that we should harvest our fruits and be prepared for what the future may bring.

8. Otoño adelantado, invierno anticipado (Early autumn, early winter): means that if autumn comes early, it is very likely that winter will come early too.

9. En otoño, cada hoja es una flor (In autumn, every leaf is a flower): autumn may be the season with the most colour changes, followed by spring, when the colour of flowers is compared and admired.

10. En otoño, el rocío matutino es la lágrima del verano (In autumn, the morning dew is the tear of summer): some sayings seem to be taken from poetry, like this one. It means that the morning dew with which we wake up in the morning represents the end of summer as a season.

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