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11 Typical & Delicious Spanish Food Specialties

Authentic Spanish food goes beyond paella and churros. However, these dishes are the standard bearers in terms of the influence of Spanish food specialties in the world.

We could focus on Spanish traditional food by region, but instead, we are going to present you with a list of typical dishes that you cannot miss if you visit Spain or any Spanish restaurant in the world. Some of them are difficult to find outside Spain’s borders, but others are internationally renowned as the best Spanish food. Sit back, relax and have a refreshing drink while you work up an appetite.

Famous Spanish Tapas

1. Tortilla: In many foreign places it is known as tortilla española (Spanish omelette) to differentiate it from Mexican one. Be that as it may, you will love this delicacy made with potatoes and eggs. It is very common to make it with onion, which is a never-ending debate among Spaniards. There are many varieties, some people add peppers and others chorizo, you can even make tortillas with any vegetable you have at home, or with prawns. Your possibilities are endless.

2. Gazpacho: Indulge in summer with this starter made of tomato, pepper, garlic and cucumber. Let yourself be carried away by this cold soup, as they call it abroad, typical of Andalusia. There are other varieties with watermelon, avocado or beetroot.

3. Salmorejo: Another typical Andalusian starter, with almost the same ingredients as gazpacho (salmorejo does not have peppers or cucumber) but a little more consistent with the addition of bread. Add a hard-boiled egg at the end to decorate it – amazing!

4. Pulpo a feria: The difficulty of cooking octopus makes Galician people culinary masters. The paprika and coarse salt give it a special touch that makes it a star dish in many Spanish restaurants. Serve it with a bed of boiled potato, let us know what you think!

Spanish Typical Dishes

5. Paella: This Spanish dish needs no introduction. The rice base and the infinite number of ingredients with which you can combine it make it a delicacy for the enjoyment of the most exquisite palates. Our favourite is the original, Valencian paella, although we won’t turn down any variant.

6. Cocido: A typical Madrilenian dish that is very widespread throughout the country, in a multitude of delicious variations. This dish, highly recommended on a cold winter’s day, will fill your stomach for the whole day. It is made with chickpeas, chicken and beef, and sometimes noodles. Anyway, it would take up this entire blog post just to list the ingredients.

7. Migas: can be made with bread or with a special flour. Also typical of the south, this dish is prepared with fried garlic, peppers, bacon and melon. There are, of course, different variations of this dish, but whatever you put in it, it is still delicious and typical for a weekend in family.

8. Fabada: Asturian gastronomy is made up of very complete and dense dishes like this one. Based on white beans and pork, there is nothing better to combat the cold northern winter.

9. Bacalao al pilpil: we could not ignore fish, which is so important in our Mediterranean diet. This traditional Basque dish combines garlic, chilli and cod. Undoubtedly delicious and special in our culture.

Traditional Spanish Breakfast Foods

10. Torrijas: This dessert, or breakfast treat, is made with bread soaked in milk, or wine for the more daring, and then fried. Some people serve it with vanilla ice cream, an ideal tandem.

11. Churros: worldwide famous, this star product in Spanish breakfasts and afternoon snacks is made with flour and water. Typical in traditional Spanish cafés.

iScribo & the Meaningful Spanish Gastronomy

Typical Spanish dishes are cooked with our star product, olive oil. As the basis of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil not only gives flavour, but is also beneficial for our health. Have you tried any of these dishes? Do you know any Spanish recipe that you like and we have not mentioned? You can write it in our tool, iScribo’s Spanish spelling and grammar checker, have you tried it yet? Tell us about it in the comments.

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