Spanish as a language

Language and Communication Issues in Spanish

The role of language is fundamental in our lives and in basic communication in Spanish. Appreciating communication difficulties helps us to improve the relationships we have with others.

Understanding is vital for relationships, not only with people who speak the same language, but also in multicultural relationships of any kind. Spanish is no exception – verbal language, body language and the tone in which Spanish speakers talk can be well or badly interpreted depending on the level of the language and the culture of the interlocutor.

Today iScribo shows you communication difficulties and cultural differences, specifically in Spanish, and helps you understand how important it is to practise advanced communication so that your problems in understanding others disappear.

Spanish at Work

In this section we are going to focus on written communication in Spanish in the workplace.

When it comes to Spanish, we can tell you that it has a great variety of different ways of speaking, not only because of the diversity of countries that speak it, but also because of the number of varieties of the language within the same country. Not only this, but spelling can also be a problem when communicating in Spanish.

Imagine for a moment that you write an email to a client and it has a few spelling mistakes, what image can that person take away from you or your company? Good written communication will always improve customer relations, and to do this, you need to master the language and practice advanced communication in Spanish.

If you find it difficult to write in Spanish and have problems improving your vocabulary, we suggest you use the iScribo tool so that you can learn Spanish and start writing the advanced Spanish that you long for when it comes to work.

Spanish in Romantic Relationships

The ideal in this case is to find a way to create a symbiosis between the two cultures.

Spanish speakers are well known for speaking with a high pitch, i.e. basically speaking very loudly. In some cultures this can be perceived as disrespectful. This is compounded by difficulties in communication and language. If someone speaks to us and we do not understand them, the speaker unconsciously raises their voice in order to be better understood.

If by chance you are a Spanish speaker, and sometimes you find it difficult to communicate with your partner, think before shouting, maybe you can express your speech with other words to facilitate communication in Spanish.

If Spanish is not your mother tongue and you are learning it, be patient, knowing the cultural aspects of your partner can help you understand much better.

Simplifying the language when speaking to facilitate understanding can lead to a lack of expressions and emotions in the speech. And this is where the next section comes in.

Spanish and Non-Verbal Language

It is well known that culture plays an essential role in the impact of the structure of language and how we use it in practice.

The way we look, the way we move and how we express ourselves with our hands – sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and this is what happens when we talk to others.

When it comes to linguistic communication difficulties when speaking, the body always comes to the rescue, ask an Italian speaker about this! It is a form of survival in order to understand each other.

Did you know that when a person does not understand us, they look at our movements to get some clues as to what we are talking about?

Non-verbal communication is a powerful weapon to promote understanding, use it wisely!

Break Boundaries while Learning Spanish

A language is the tool we use to create relationships with others. Use it with respect to have fruitful and positive relationships with other people. You won’t regret it!

If you pay attention, you’ll find out the richness of Spanish in the diversity of its grammar and vocabulary as well as in the amount of non-verbal language that Spanish speakers use every day. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Have you ever had a communication problem of this kind in Spanish, and have you ever felt you were expressing yourself badly and ended up saying something you didn’t mean? Tell us in the comments, iScribo helps you to improve your written Spanish so that you can break the barrier of language and communication issues.

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