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14 Series of Recommended Novels in Spanish

Reading is the passion of many people. Through literature, we can discover the best novels in Spanish around the globe. Whether they are books on Spanish culture, or the best Latin American authors to read, these books in Spanish will help you to see the difference between styles from different countries.

You can find and discover these recommended novels in Spanish on the shelves of any library. You can also enjoy debates and discussions on the Internet. Get excited to learn in a different way with these must-read book sagas with different literary genres, such as historical, romantic and crime books in Spanish.

Spanish Contemporary Authors & Their Series

Spain boasts a wealth of literary talent on all four sides. Today we bring you some famous and recommended Spanish books that come in series for you to enjoy and learn at the same time:

1. The Baztan Trilogy: For any thriller lover, this trilogy by Dolores Redondo brings you a story of Basque and Navarre mythology in an interesting plot that will not leave you indifferent.

2. The Snow Girl: This trilogy by Malaga-born author Javier Castillo shows us a series of intrigue surrounding the disappearance of a young girl at the Thanksgiving parade. You will discover a well elaborated plot with jumps in time as you try to crack the case like a real detective.

3. The Cemetery of Forgotten: Not only is it a homage to 20th century Barcelona, but this tetralogy by Carlos Ruiz Zafón ranges from thriller to true horror.

4. Episodes of an Endless War Series: The iconic and much-loved writer from Madrid, Almudena Grandes, was a true master of series and the exaltation of women in society. If you want to discover a bit of Spanish history through dramatic narratives, this series will not leave you indifferent.

5. Julia Domna Series: The Valencian writer and winner of the 2018 Planeta Prize, Santiago Posteguillo, is a master of historical narrative. His great knowledge of the emperors and the Roman era takes us on a journey through history.

Sagas & Trilogies from Mexico

6. Mundo Umbrío: Jaime Alfonso Sandoval surprises us with this saga of literature and fiction in a plot of secrets and otherworldly murders that shake the life of a girl who seeks justice. Interesting, right?

7. Quidea Legends: Juan Comparán Arias delights us with a fantasy saga in a world, Quidea, but in different times in each book. It is catalogued as an endearing series full of kindness that can touch your soul.

8. Maya: Discover the Mayan culture with Carlos Gavira and Martha Athie. This science fiction saga helps us to discover the prophecy of the Mayas with touches of fantasy.

Other Latin American Sagas

9. Brooklin Brujas: The Ecuadorian-American writer Zoraida Cordova brings us a fantasy series with the story of different witches who have to face curses and challenges because of their own condition.

10. Santiago Quinones: The Chilean writer Boris Quercia brings us this very entertaining crime and intrigue series to get to know the multifaceted city of Santiago.

11. The Night Will Be Long Series: this trilogy by Colombian Santiago Gamboa combines stories of journalism and the FARC in a gripping crime novel that will not only teach us, but also keep us entertained.

12. Patagonia Trilogy: Argentinean author Cristian Perfumo dazzles us with this suspense saga set in Patagonia. The mystery behind each chapter will make us “devour” each page until the end.

13. Alonso Christiano Series: discover the history of ancient Peruvian civilisations with love, adventure and intrigue, what more could you ask for from Peruvian writer Miguel Salomón?

14. Un Dulce Encuentro: this saga by Honduran writer Kris Buendía presents a romantic story with drama, adventure and suspense.

Learn From Home

Books open frontiers and allow us to travel even if we can’t afford it. The series we have suggested today will help you improve your Spanish and broaden your knowledge of different cultures. What grammatical structures stand out to you when you read famous authors from Spanish-speaking countries in their best-selling series? Practise the way you write with iScribo’s grammar checker and tell us in the comments.

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