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16 Useful Phrases for Shopping in Spanish

Shopping in Spanish language is a fun experience. Every trip should include a shopping day strolling through boutiques to discover what’s hot in the country you’re in these days.

Travelling with friends? Even better, a great day of shopping is always more rewarding if it is shared. At iScribo today we teach you some useful phrases for shopping in Spanish with a guide to help you succeed in a funny day after tourism. Mind the planet! Don’t forget to shop sensibly.

Useful Spanish Shopping Words

1. ¿Dónde se encuentra la tienda de deportes?

(Where is the sports shop?) Or the perfume shop, your favourite fashion shop… It doesn’t matter, you can always change the noun to suit your tastes.

2. Buenas tardes, ¿tienen este pantalón en la talla cuarenta?

(Good afternoon, do you have this pair of trousers in size forty?) Replace the trousers by any other garment or accessory and by your size. Also, remind to convert the size with an accurate chart, sizes differ from countries.

3. Disculpe, ¿esta camiseta está en color rojo?

(Excuse me, is this T-shirt in red?) Choose your favourite colour and the garment you like the most.

4. ¿Me puede indicar dónde se encuentra la sección de caballero?

(Can you tell me where the men’s section is?) Or women’s, children’s, accessories… You have a range of possibilities depending on what you most need or what you are looking for.

5. ¿Dónde está el probador?

(Where is the fitting room?) Of course! You should check that the garment fits you well because when you finish your holidays it will be difficult to return it.

To Be Fashionable

6. ¿Qué accesorios se llevan esta temporada por aquí?

(What accessories are in season around here?) Dress like the locals! There’s nothing more fun for a tourist than immersing yourself in the culture of the country you’re in.

7. Busco unos zapatos que combinen con todo.

(I look for shoes that go with everything.) Sometimes the simplest thing is the most practical. You can apply this philosophy to any country.

8. ¿Qué me recomienda que me lleve?

(What do you recommend I take?) There are times when it is difficult to choose or you just don’t feel like it. Let yourself be carried away by the recommendations of the shop staff, you won’t regret it.

9. Necesito un sombrero pequeño, ¿dónde puedo encontrarlo?

(I need a small hat, where can I find one?) Don’t forget that the sun is treacherous in the summer months and protect your head from sunstroke.

Let’s Be Practical

10. Perdone, ¿cuándo empiezan las rebajas?

(Excuse me, when do the sales start?) Of course, the summer sales are to be taken advantage of, so find out when the shops have wonderful discounts.

11. Este pantalón, ¿lo tienen que tela más fina?

(Do you have other trousers with a thinner fabric?) Don’t be surprised by the summer heat with a fabric that is not appropriate for this season.

12. ¿Cuánto cuesta este artículo?

(How much does this item cost?) More than useful information.

13. ¿Se puede pagar con tarjeta o tiene que ser en efectivo?

(Can I pay by card or do I have to pay in cash?) Find out about payment methods to avoid last-minute surprises.

14. ¿Puedo probarme esta prenda?

(Can I try on this garment?) For hygienic reasons, there are items that you cannot try on, so it is better to ask before you make a mistake.

15. ¿Me puede dar el recibo?

(Can I have the receipt?) Many people call it a ‘tique’, which is a synonym for receipt. You will need it if you regret what you have bought or if you have tried it on again and you are not convinced.

16. Muchas gracias por su ayuda.

(Thank you very much for your help.) When you help us with our purchases, you are making our task easier than we think. Always be kind, you will see that the results are better and there is nothing like making someone’s day.

iScribo and the Correct Use of Spanish

Speaking and writing well in Spanish is essential wherever you are to preserve and spread the good use of the language. There is nothing more gratifying than a long day of shopping knowing that you have used the language as it deserves to be used. These are small, everyday tests that encourage you. Writing and speaking Spanish well is in your hands. Try our Spanish spelling and grammar checker. It also suggests improvements and synonyms, so you can learn as you write. Use it with any type of document and Spanish register, you will see that its results will surprise you. Have you tried it yet? Before you go, can you tell us in which Spanish-speaking countries you have been shopping?

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