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14 Influential & Famous Spanish-Speaking Painters

Painting encourages communication, creativity and richness between cultures. This is why knowing the most influential and famous Spanish-speaking painters in history can give you a clue about the culture of each country and make you learn much faster. Focusing on a work of art and practising more specific words and terms will make you learn faster and more dynamically.

Learn today the best Spanish-speaking painter, from Spanish contemporary painters to Latin American painters. Today we take an artistic stroll to remember and appreciate the most outstanding artists. Read on to find out who they are and why they are so well known.

Famous Spanish Painters from Spain

There are a few Spanish Baroque painters that we would like to highlight because of what they meant to the period and what they still influence today.

1. Diego Velázquez (1599-1660): ambassador of Spanish art par excellence, he painted for King Philip IV of Spain. He is the author of the emblematic paintings Las Meninas and Las Hilanderas, among others.

2. Francisco de Goya (1746-1828): his work extended beyond the Baroque period during Romanticism, and he is another essential artist in Spanish art. You will know him for his masterpiece La maja desnuda.

However, we would like to name some current and modern Spanish painters, we are sure you know some of them:

3. Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923): a realist painter from an artistic family. He depicted light and the sea like no other, as shown in Los pescadores valencianos.

4. Pablo Picasso (1881-1973): the artist from Malaga needs no introduction as he is known worldwide. He brought about an artistic revolution in the 20th century, with works such as Autorretrato and Las señoritas de Aviñón.

5. Salvador Dalí (1904-1989): for many, Dalí is the master of surrealism, for others he was simply a madman. Whatever the case, Dalí is world famous for the originality of his works, such as La persistencia de la memoria and Tristán e Isolda.

6. Ferran García Sevilla (1949- ): as a versatile and complete artist, in addition to being a painter he is also a sculptor, video artist and much more. He is a benchmark of contemporary abstract art in Spain.

7. Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617-1682): his naturalistic style and delicacy can be seen in most of his religious paintings. We can appreciate his influence on later artists.

Outstanding Latin American Painters

The Latin American art scene is quite diverse and many of its artists are world-renowned. Pre-Columbian art was already an outstanding expression, but it began to show its full potential after the arrival of the Spaniards.

8. Frida Kahlo (Mexico, 1907-1954): Frida speaks for herself! The surrealist artist continues to influence us day after day. Her worldwide recognition doesn’t need an introduction, as all her self-portraits show.

9. Fernando Botero (Colombia, 1932- ): the Colombian artist uses bright colours in his paintings, which has attracted the attention of art lovers and followers. He is also a sculptor and draughtsman, a very complete artist!

10. Oswaldo Guayasamín (Ecuador, 1919-1999): a painter noted for his depiction of human suffering and tragedy. His expressionist dark art has earned him a place among the world’s leading 20th century artists due to the quality of his masterpieces.

11. Wifredo Lam (Cuba, 1902-1982): if you are looking for a fusion of Caribbean art with surrealism and cubism, this artist will surprise you.

12. Guillermo Kuitca (Argentina, 1961- ): this famous Argentinean painter and engraver specialises in abstract and expressive art. He likes to represent issues of current importance such as space, memory and identity.

13. Carlos Mérida (Guatemala, 1891-1984): his Guatemalan painter and muralist was appreciated for the modern expression of his works. He is considered one of the best Latin American painters.

14. Fernando de Szyszlo (Peru, 1925-2017): born in Lima, this artist is still an influential painter and benchmark for abstract art in Latin America today.

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Today we have introduced you to the most influential and famous Spanish-speaking painters, do you particularly like someone we haven’t mentioned? Tell us in the comments.

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