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15 Spanish Sayings & Phrases About Studying

Popular sayings are rich as well as diverse, you only need to visit or meet people from Spanish-speaking countries to realise this. On this occasion, it is the turn to talk about phrases about studying or Spanish sayings about education so you can express yourself as a native speaker in the educational environment.

Spanish phrases about study amongst students are often used in a colloquial context but there will also be some that apply in formal settings. Today, iScribo presents you with a series of easy and useful Spanish phrases about school to expand your Spanish vocabulary.

Spanish Sayings About Learning

There are several sayings, expressions and proverbs that are mostly used in education. Here are some of them:

1. Hacer novillos: or in other variants such as hacer pellas, hacer campana, hacer monta or pegarse la huyona. It means to stop going somewhere you are obliged to go to do a more fun activity.

Hizo novillos pero sus padres se enteraron. (He skipped school but his parents found out about it.)

2. Tener manía: means to dislike or dislike someone or something.

El profesor le tiene manía y le ha suspendido la asignatura. (The teacher dislikes him and has failed his subject.)

3. Estar enchufado: means to have influence with someone in order to get a favour.

Le concedieron la beca porque está enchufada, no porque se lo mereciera. (She was awarded the scholarship because she is spoiled, not because she deserved it.)

4. Comerse los libros: studying hard and with high intensity.

Apenas sale, se come los libros para conseguir las mejores notas. (As soon as she gets out, she studies hard to get the best marks.)

5. Estudiar a marchas forzadas: used when you have little time to prepare for an assignment or an exam and all the studying is concentrated in a few days or hours.

Aunque estudiaron a marchas forzadas, les dio tiempo a prepararse todo el temario. (Although they studied hard, they had time to prepare the whole syllabus.)

6. Estudiar a destajo: study only for a short period of days.

Estudiaré a destajo durante el fin de semana. (I will study very hard over the weekend.)

7. Estudiar codo con codo: meet with classmates to study.

Los cuatro chicos estudiaron codo con codo hasta que llegó la noche. (The four boys studied side by side until the evening came.)

8. Echar la matrícula: or matricularse is preparing the necessary paperwork to register for a course and pay the corresponding fees.

La matrícula hay que echarla durante las dos primeras semanas de septiembre. (Enrolment must be done during the first two weeks of September.)

Study Sayings in Other Areas

There are many other sayings and phrases that can be used both in school and in everyday life. Some of them are:

9. Ser pan comido: when something is easy and costs little effort.

El examen fue pan comido. (The exam was a piece of cake.)

10. Hablar por los codos: to talk a lot.

Separaron a los estudiantes porque hablaban por los codos en clase. (The students were separated because they were talking through their elbows in class.)

11. Cada maestrillo tiene su librillo: This refers to the different way of acting and thinking that each person has.

El aprendizaje es un mundo, cada maestrillo tiene su librillo. (Learning is a world of its own, each teacher has his or her own way of teaching.)

12. A buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan: An intelligent person quickly understands what is said without having to go into detail, a simple hint is enough. Sometimes it is enough to say the first part of the saying.

No pienso explicaros esta parte, a buen entendedor, pocas palabras bastan. (I’m not going to explain this part to you, a few words are enough.)

13. No haber vuelta de hoja: when a matter is not subject to discussion.

No hay más vuelta de hoja, has suspendido y punto. (There is no way back, you have failed and that’s it.)

14. Ser coser y cantar: used to indicate that something is easy.

Esta asignatura es coser y cantar. (This subject is a piece of cake.)

15. Ponerse las pilas: to tackle a task with dedication.

Venga, me tengo que poner las pilas o no aprobaré. (Come on, I have to get my act together or I won’t pass.)

iScribo & Language Evolution

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