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The 24 Best Spanish Songs to Learn the Language

Learning Spanish through songs can be the best way to improve your language skills. In addition, it’s possible to learn Spanish by music provide you with a fun experience, which can be an interesting way to pass the time in the summer.

From learning new vocabulary and expressions to differentiating accents from different countries, iScribo provides you with a list of the best Spanish songs to learn the language. Open your favourite music player and create a playlist to get you through the summer to discover how to learn Spanish by listening to music.

Songs to Help Learn Spanish

From the most recent to old Spanish songs that have set trends, Spain has been exporting talent since forever. It’s not all flamenco or the famous reggaeton imported from Latin America, here you can find several Spanish songs for beginners.

1. Eres tú by the group Mocedades: this song from the 60s is a Spanish classic that you’ll still hear among the people today.

2. Con su blanca palidez by Cristina y Los Stop: this Spanish version from the early 70s will give you a lot of play as you can compare it with its original English version.

3. Mi gran noche by Raphael: there is no artist more iconic than the great Raphael. There is no party today without this song.

4. La lista de la compra by María Jiménez & La Cabra Mecánica: to get you into a bit of culture, enjoy this song that fuses pop and flamenco.

5. Bulería by David Bisbal: entertaining song that will make you dance, plus, it’s very summery.

6. Y, ¿Si fuera ella? by Alejandro Sanz: we can’t make a list without Spain’s most influential singer. He still fills concert halls all over the country.

7. A mi manera by Siempre Así: another song to compare with English and to learn about Spanish culture.

8. La Flaca by Jarabe de Palo: this song by Pau Donés, leader of the band, will teach you Spanish from Spain with a Latin twist. We invite you to listen to more of this iconic Spanish band.

9. París by La Oreja de Van Gogh: you can learn Spanish by listening any song from this iconic band.

10. Maquillaje by Mecano: impossible to forget the music of Mecano in the eighties and nineties. This group fought for gender equality and LGTBI+ rights when no one else was doing so. Full of positive vibes!

Mexican Songs to Learn

The variety of Mexican music genres ranges from mariachi, bolero and huapango to the most traditional Mexican music.

11. Bésame mucho by Consuelo Velázquez: it crossed borders and became an international hit.

12. La llorona by Ángela Aguilar: there are many versions, each one more beautiful.

13. Vivir sin aire by Maná: this group has one of the best drummers in the world and their music is enjoyed all over the world.

14. Amor eterno by Juan Gabriel: another artist who has achieved worldwide glory.

15. La Bamba by Ritchie Valens: you probably know it, so we couldn’t resist including it in this list for obvious reasons.

Music in Colombia

Colombia is an iconic country in terms of current songs to learn Spanish because of the amount of talent it exports around the world.

16. Hawái by Maluma: this Colombian artist has even sung with Madonna.

17. La camisa negra by Juanes: this is one of the easiest Spanish songs to learn, it is often used in teaching. Take advantage and listen to this great artist with his activist lyrics.

18. Dónde están los ladrones by Shakira: you know her more than enough but it’s worth learning Spanish with her first albums, you won’t regret it.

19. Vida de rico by Camilo: Camilo mixes rhythms and teaches you Spanish in a respectful and beautiful way.

20. La gota fría by Carlos Vives: we love Carlos’ rhythm and positive vibe, don’t miss it.

Other Talents in Latin America

All over Latin America there is unparalleled talent and rhythm, did you know? Maybe it’s the joy of its people or their philosophy of life, but you can’t miss out on everything they bring us:

21. Te extraño, te olvido y te amo by Ricky Martin: the Puerto Rican artist is an icon from the beginning of the century.

22. Torero by Chayanne: this legendary song by the Puerto Rican singer is still heard today.

23. La vida es un carnaval by Celia Cruz: nobody better than the Cuban artist to show us the joy of living.

24. Flaca by Andrés Calamaro: we already loved him with his group Los Rodríguez. This Argentinian artist has made us enjoy music since we were little.

iScribo & Culture

Enrique Iglesias, Bomba Estéreo, Luis Miguel, J Balvin, Marc Anthony, Aitana and so on. We could spend hours talking about our favourite artists. Nobody better than all of them to learn Spanish by music. These songs cover different genres and styles, enjoy them while you learn. Don’t forget to look up their translations and compare them with their English versions, if available. iScribo brings you these songs representing different eras and styles, do you know how to write them? Try our tool and let us know what you think.

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