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The Importance Of Spelling In Communication

The importance of using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is a fact when it comes to writing. Good use of written Spanish should be a priority in all writing and as Spanish speakers, whether it is our mother tongue or not, we must make proper use of spelling.

Writing with spelling mistakes or inappropriate words makes communication difficult and can lead to irreparable errors. The importance of spelling in communication is reflected in a well-written redaction. Today iScribo brings you some recommendations for good writing, read on to find out more.

Why is Spelling Important in Communication?

To be understood by others, it is necessary to write well with good spelling. We need to write correctly in order to write formal texts, such as a CV for a job, reports, complaints, applications and so on.

Your writing is your reflection. Think about how others see you through your writing.

Did you know that if you have good spelling, your ideas are more easily communicated? As well as making a good impression, the ideal of good spelling is to communicate without barriers.

It is no longer just for us, writing properly helps to preserve the language and that is vital for us. If we don’t take care of our Spanish, who will?

Writing correctly gives us more confidence and therefore helps us to improve our self-esteem, incredible, isn’t it?

If you think you have problems with certain words, for example, if you can’t make a difference between b and v when writing, make a list of different words and learn them. A good idea for this example would be to write them down in two columns, one for the b and one for the v. The mental image of this mini table will make it easier for you to write it every time it comes up.

You may also get confused with homophones, such as haya, aya, allá or halla, so writing them several times and seeing the result will help you to distinguish them better next time.

And of course, pay attention to the accents! They are also obligatory when writing in capital letters and leaving them out is a very serious mistake.


While it is true that the language of the networks when abbreviating when writing is an obstacle to learning, knowing good spelling depends on the user, as there are many ways to learn it well. From the RAE and the Fundéu to language blogs, such as this one by iScribo, and different learning channels.

Reading also helps to improve the way we write. Looking at words we don’t know or paying attention to others we didn’t know how to write helps to improve both our spelling and our learning of the language.

Knowing how to structure a text is also of vital importance in order to get the message across correctly.

It is also true that it is not only our fault. Sometimes, whether we write by hand or type, we do so under pressure. Lack of time or the demands of work mean that we don’t pay attention to what we are writing or that we don’t even check our work. Perhaps this is the main reason to value a Spanish grammar and spelling checker, the revisions are quick, and the improvements are more than noticeable.

Learning the etymology of words helps us to relate their origin to our writing. Moreover, if we know where they come from, we can relate them to their family and thus create a mental concept map. In this way you will not only know how to write a single word, but you will have mastered many more without even realising it. The brain works automatically once it has learned a concept.

iScribo & Proper Written Spanish

It is worth stopping to think for a minute about what you are writing and how. This helps you to organise your ideas and make better decisions when writing. Writing must be flawless for others to understand us and is a reflection of our thinking. That’s why we ask you, are you doing your best to write well? iScribo’s Spanish grammar checker is here to help. Its real-time corrections and suggestions implemented by artificial intelligence are another method of learning and improving your written communication. Good written communication is synonymous with quality. Have you tried it yet? Let us know what you think.

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