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10 Amazing Benefits of Learning Another Language

Have you ever wondered what are the advantages of learning languages? There are many reasons and benefits of learning another language, not only for work but also for personal reasons. Learning languages opens your opportunities to travel, to meet new people and to immerse yourself in interesting and different cultures.

Many years ago, learning different languages was thought to confuse the brain and hinder cognitive development. Fortunately, science has shown that this is not correct and that, on the contrary, learning languages gives us much more than it takes away. Like everything in life, it has its disadvantages, but the only one we can find is the time and effort you have to consume when learning, but is this a real disadvantage? Pushing ourselves to improve and learn develops us as people and fills us with motivation and opportunities. That’s why iScribo brings you today 10 benefits of learning another language, but there are many more!

1. Your Brain Increases Your Limits

The benefits of learning another language for the brain are more than proven. By learning a second language, the language centres of our brain expand, and the more we learn, the more areas of the brain grow. The brain is a muscle, when you train it, it grows and gets stronger.

2. Your Competences at Work Improve

The benefits of learning another language for work are obvious. You will have more opportunities than other candidates and your salary could be higher as you have more skills. Work travel increases and so do your chances of growing within a company. It is proven!

3. Increased Travel Opportunities

Not only for work but knowing the language will encourage you to travel more and break the barriers of your knowledge. Travelling is always a pleasure, or it is most of the time, so what could be better than speaking the language of the country you are going to? You will discover new and more interesting facts than people who don’t speak the local language, and that’s right! For example, it opens doors to meet new people from other cultures.

4. Benefits for Your Health

By exercising the main areas of your brain, learning languages slows down the progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Incredible, right? This is because speaking languages keeps your brain healthy and we are inadvertently forcing it to exercise without even knowing it.

5. Improves Your Communication Skills

Your communication skills are clearly strengthened when you speak several languages. By doing so, your brain will find the best way to communicate – by practice and experience, there is no doubt.

6. Develops Your Hearing Capability

Your senses are on alert when they are out of their comfort zone. This is precisely what happens when you learn foreign languages – your hearing is sharpened by the mere instinct to try to hear better. The same happens with the rest of your senses with other activities, like a surgeon after years of practice with a scalpel.

7. Improve Your Instinct

Elementary, my dear Watson. Once you learn and master a second language, it is incredibly easier to learn a third and then a fourth. This explains the advantages of learning a foreign language from a young age. Being bilingual since the day you were born matters!

8. Increases Your Personal Development

Everyone has concerns about what is next in life at some point, and I’m sure that at least once it has crossed your mind to pack your suitcase and start from scratch in another country. Knowing the target language gives us that push we need to calm our concerns and grow as people. Knowing a language puts an end to the ‘what ifs’.

9. You Make Better Decisions

When we think in a foreign language, we reduce the possibility of falling into cognitive biases. Our capacity for analysis is quicker and rational decision-making is superior. This reason is definitely a winner!

10. Improves Your Attention

The ability to pay attention is proportional to the effort we make to learn, another fact we bring you today. When we learn a new language, we pay more attention to making the process go faster. This creates a habit – or rather a virtue – that we apply to other aspects of life.

Learning Languages With AI

iScribo is a tool that corrects your Spanish as you write. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in the way we learn languages, why don’t we make the most of it to apply it to our profit? Our spelling and grammar checker uses all the advantages that artificial intelligence offers us. We have shown you ten reasons why you shouldn’t waste any more time and start learning new languages. We can think of others, such as meeting new people and expanding into different cultures. Can you tell us any other benefits of learning another language you can think of? Tell us in the comments.

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